About Us


Hello there, we are Dirty Deeds Soaps and are a family owned business. We love being able to work at home surrounded by the people we love the most and couldn't be happier with what we are doing.

We offer wide array of handmade soaps and shave accessories. We also have grooms gifts, bridal favors and can customize a logo for your special event. Right now we offer mainly french milled soaps from detergent free bases and use both essential and fragrance oils.

We hand cut every bar, whether it be our full size bath bars or our special guest sized bars so expect to see some discrepancies in size as is with all handmade items. All of our packaging is either recycled or recyclable materials and are shipped to you fully wrapped and labeled for your enjoyment and freshness. We use non plastic materials as often as possible unless needed for the shipping safely.

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Dirty Deeds Crew

Justin - master soapmaker, brush maker, business mega-mind
Heather - mistress soapmaker, photographer, networker, talker, packaging and shipper